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Suicide (2010)

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Topic title Suicide (2010)
Topic owner Ian Little, Jo Copping
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Executive summary


The Strategy for the Reduction and Prevention of Suicide in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City 2009-2012 has been written by NHS Nottingham City, NHS Nottinghamshire County and NHS Bassetlaw.  It is an important addition to the JSNA, and provides further information to the section on suicide prevention in the Adult Mental Health chapter.
The strategy complements the National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England1, whilst giving emphasis to local needs.  The remit of the strategy is to achieve the Our Healthier Nation target of reducing suicide by one fifth by 2010.
A full copy of the Strategy for the Reduction and Prevention of Suicide in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham City 2009-2012 is available on Nottingham Insight (click on link to access).  The strategy includes an action plan which is updated on a regular basis.  The latest version of the action plan can be obtained from the key contacts listed at the end of this document.  


The aim of the strategy is to prevent and reduce the suicide rate across the whole of Nottinghamshire.  This will be achieved by focussing on the following areas:

  • Training and awareness raising amongst those in health, the public sector and at a community level, who are in contact with those at risk of suicide
  • Reducing suicide in high risk groups, particularly those who self harm, mental health service users, offenders and vulnerable groups such as the unemployed
  • Reducing access to means and opportunity, particularly in safe care settings, self poisoning and understanding local hot spots
  • Improving information and intelligence on suicide in Nottinghamshire
  • Learning from best practice through audit and evaluation

These have been identified as local priorities for action as they are based on the National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England1 and recognise that these aspects need local action and are not being taken forward through other strategies.


Key contacts

Iain Little, Public Health Development Manager, NHS Nottingham City 
Jo Copping, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, NHS Nottingham City 

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