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The Nottingham Plan to 2020


The Nottingham Plan to 2020 sets the overall strategic direction and long-term vision for the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the City of Nottingham; this was created with reference to the State of Nottingham report.

Nottingham Plan to 2020 targets refreshed

The fourth annual report of the Nottingham Plan to 2020 is now available. After 4 years and the challenging climate we have all been working in, the commitment to stimulate economic growth and break the cycle of poverty remains our biggest ambition and our biggest challenge for the city. The year 4 report (2013/14) shows that around half of the targets are performing well, while a small percentage are 'amber' - just below expected levels. Just under a third remain behind target.

This year, the One Nottingham Board and the leadership of Nottingham City Council approved a refresh of the Nottingham Plan to ensure that the plan continues to prioritise the right areas of work, partnership resources are targeted efficiently and the best and most robust measures are used to monitor performance. This year’s performance is considered against the refreshed targets.

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