Nottingham Insight

Strategies and Plans

Links below to key strategies and plans on the theme of the economy of Nottingham City and the wider Core City area.


Nottingham Growth Plan

The Growth Plan sets out a series of measures for driving the economy forward. It contains large-scale projects to be delivered over the next five to ten years from when it was developed.

Derby-Nottingham Metro Strategy 2030 

The Metro Strategy aims to bring together Derby and Nottingham, driving jobs and prosperity that will fuel the Midlands as an engine for economic growth.  

Derby-Nottingham Metro Economic Plan

The Derby-Nottingham Metro Economic Plan sets out how we will make the most of the economic potential of our two cities.

Nottingham SUD Strategy

The Nottingham Sustainable Urban Development (SUD) Strategy is the basis for the selection of projects to deliver the benefits of the ring-fenced European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in Greater Nottingham.

Midlands Engine

The Midlands Engine is a coalition of Councils, Combined Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP), Universities and businesses across the region, actively working with Government to build a collective identity, to enable us to present the Midlands as a competitive and compelling offer that is attractive at home and overseas.

Vision 2030 - D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership Strategic Economic Plan

Vision 2030 is the updated economic strategy for the Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire area.

Nottingham City Council Procurement Strategy

The City Council has a duty to promote the economic growth of the City and to maximise local spend insuring local growth and job creation. This strategy sets out for the supplier market and other key stakeholders the strategic aims of the Council to be taken forward through our procurement activity.